Camp Knut

What is Camp Knut?

Camp Knut is a 30-day long training camp, where a group of streamers tries to follow Knut's workout routine and diet.

Goal 🏆

Improve fitness, look and health as much as possible in 30 days. The final show will be a fitness/bodybuilding competition.

Who is Knut?

Knut is a streamer from Norway. He is a professional bodybuilder and a fitness enthusiast.

💡 Remember to take care of your health, you know your own limits better than anyone else. If you end up injuring yourself, it will only set you further back.

💡 Supplements aren't needed, but if you have the money and want to maximize your workouts - Go for it!

Want to help out?


If you have questions about training - Post them in #camp-knut in the discord
Feedback, issues or questions? Contact Bitsnoxx#1337 on Discord.